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How do you make money from band merch?

Merch is one of the biggest money makers for bands, and with the right approach, you can start making money with your band even if you have a small following. The absolutely essential ingredient for merch that sells well is great design and merch that is designed for your audience.... Continue reading

by Dan , July 21, 2016

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3 ways to find your own vocal style

As a singer, it's easy to fall into the trap of learning your favourite song, and then singing all of the other songs you know in the same style. You can quickly lose your own voice and begin to sound like you're doing an impression of your favourite artist, and... Continue reading

by Dan , July 19, 2016

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7 beginner songs you can learn in a week

Let's face it, we all learn the guitar because we want to play songs. And while we only teach techniques and licks on Musicisum at the moment, we're under no illusion that each and every one of you wants to learn how to play new music. In fact, it's a... Continue reading

by Dan , July 5, 2016

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A beginner's guide to effects pedals

You’ve gotten your hands on the guitar of your dreams, and you’re shoving fresh notes through a shiny new amp. Whether we’re talking about a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall stack or a Chapman ML-1 twinned with a Blackstar combo, you are officially ready to make some noise! Now... Continue reading

by Leon , May 13, 2016

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Develop your relative pitch

Ear training develops your understanding of the distance between notes, which we refer to as "relative pitch". Training your ear to understand relative pitch is hugely important as a musician, particularly when you come to write music or collaborate with others.  Having a well-trained ear that enables you to pitch... Continue reading

by Dan , Ben , April 30, 2016

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An introduction to reggae guitar

This week's new lessons focus on getting an authentic reggae sound. Reggae has inspired many genres of music, and while its characteristic slow 4/4 time signatures and simple chord progressions may sound easy, there are a few techniques and tones to master for you to nail the style!  Bea focuses on how... Continue reading

by Dan , Ben , April 16, 2016

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23 new singing lessons available now!

We have added 23 new challenges to the singing course. The new challenges are available now as part of your subscription to Musicisum, and they will unlock as you make your way through the lessons - or will already be unlocked and available on the Challenges page if you have already... Continue reading

by Dan , Ben , April 1, 2016

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9 mistakes beginner guitarists make (and how to avoid them)

When you start playing any instrument you're going to find it hard. We encourage you to embrace that reality because starting out on any instrument is a scary thing! When it comes to playing the guitar, there are cetain things that make you easily identified as somebody who hasn't spent... Continue reading

by Dan , March 23, 2016

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9 tips to help you write better songs

Writing songs is why many of us become musicians, but the feeling of being stuck, not knowing what to write, or feeling like everything you write sounds the same can be all too familiar. Don't worry! Every musician goes through it; but here are some tips to help you write... Continue reading

by Dan , March 22, 2016

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24 new guitar lessons available now!

Now that we have finished launching the redesigned website, we're extremely happy to announce the first of many new lesson packs! With so many of you working through the full guitar course, a lot of you asked for more riffs, runs, licks, and chord progressions to apply your new skills.... Continue reading

by Dan , Ben , March 18, 2016

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