10 April 2019

Guitar Workouts, Drums, Piano, what else?! March 2019 update

by Dan Davies

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There's a lot going on at Musicisum HQ, and we've made a video to tell you all about it!

Guitar Workouts

Guitar Workouts is our next course, coming super soon! We teamed up with our good pal and photographer extraordinaire Max Taylor Grant to put together an intense guitar workout that will help you build things like dexterity, finger independence, and hand synchronisation. It's a roast, and it's great!


Next up, we have been deliberating for years whether it is suitable for Ben to teach a drum course because he plays drums open-handed. We've finally decided to let you decide, so we're putting together a free series of drum lessons for you to watch and give your feedback so we can decide once and for all! Look out for this soon.


Piano! It's a heavily requested course, and we've found somebody who we'd absolutely love to teach it. It's early days, but piano may be our next big course. Unless Ben has something has to say about it. Which would you prefer to see first? Piano or drums?


But what about the humble guitarist? Is that you? You might think all of this is great and all, but you simply live and breathe guitar. Worry not! We're reinvigorating Musicisum Challenges, reaching out to all the artists and musicians we know, and looking to bring them in to film some new content for you. This will be in the form of riffs, licks, solos, and loads of other stuff. We can't wait to kick this off!

Student Uploads

All of that builds nicely into some platform features we're working on. We want Musicisum to become a very supportive community for everybody who is learning, and we want you to be able see just how far you've come since you started learning with us. That's why we're building Student Uploads. Student Uploads will integrate with the practice features already on Musicisum, and you will be able to upload audio/video that you have recorded from your practice sessions, and have the option to share them with the community to get feedback. We will then also add this functionality to the new Challenges so that everybody can upload their attempt at a new challenge, get feedback, and we can potentially even reward our favourites with special prizes!

The Modern Musician YouTube Series

The Modern Musician is coming back! But this time we're looking to collaborate with musicians we know and turn it into a YouTube series. We'll be getting interviews, live performances, and maybe even lesson content from a whole range of people on different instruments. This doesn't mean that the podcast is going away; we fully intend to kick that off again, but for now we're super excited about this!

Riot Act Podcast

Do you like alternative music? Have you checked out Riot Act Podcast? No?! It's hosted by two of the most wonderful people in British music journalism - Stephen Hill and Remfry Dedman. We've been working with them for nearly a year now to bring you a weekly episode talking about a wide variety of bands from Meshuggah to Sigur Ros, and everything in between. Check it out at