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"What can I say, Rabea and his "friends" made me spend far too much money on gear! Beside that I didn't think I would be ever able to play the second guitar course solo challenges at tempo. I went through the whole course and started with how to hold the pick. About 1,5 years later I'm still not Rabea but can somehow play the solos!"

"You guys are awesome! Musicisum is the best way to learn guitar!"

"I wish I had Musicisum when I was first learning guitar! Rabea gives you such a great foundation which you can build on to progress as a player for the rest of your life. Very impressed, you’ve covered it all in a way that is so inspiring to use!"

"Massive thanks for the site, it's really helped me over the last few months - without a doubt, the best online site I've ever experienced. Not only are Rabea's lessons clear and helpful, but the whole site has been thought out in a way that really helps the learning process."

"I started this course because I work with an autistic guy who really loves guitar playing. I have always known a few chords, but never really played guitar "for real". So I guess I got on Musicisum to get better at my work, and found out along the way that I love doing this very much!"

"I love the way the site works! It's very well organized, especially for people like me who have no idea where to start."

"I've always dreamed of playing the guitar, but it's been hard to fit into my busy lifestyle. After a couple of weeks of learning with Musicisum I have officially got the bug! Rabea's style is so helpful and easy to follow and now I come home looking forward to sitting down with my guitar and laptop!"

"This is the first website I've seen that can truly inspire and teach any beginner musician. Rabea is an incredibly experienced guitarist and an amazing teacher. If you want to play guitar, Musicisum is the end of excuses and the start of your creative journey."

"Thank you for a great site! I just love it. Bea's lessons are so cool and easy to understand. I really love his relaxed way of teaching."

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