06 March 2017

Apple Pay, Performance Boost, and Annual Subscriptions

by Ben Murden

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A lot has gone into this latest release, but here are just a few top highlights.

  • Better navigation within lesson bundles. Now you can go directly to the next or previous lesson without returning to the list.

  • Volume controls for the metronome and scale exercises on the singing course.

  • Your settings for volume, metronome tempo, and scale exercises will be saved on your device.

  • Apple Pay. Now you can subscribe more easily on an iPhone with Safari, or on Safari for Mac with a paired iPhone.

  • We’ve brought back annual subscriptions giving you more choices, and now show equivalent monthly price.

  • Deployed Nginx with Google Pagespeed to improve delivery speed and bandwidth use. Mobile users in particular should see some performance increase.

  • Upgrade to Ember 2.10 on the front end. This was a big leap from our previous version (1.13), and the results will be felt in faster loading, smoother interaction, and snappier transitions around our lessons and exercises. Again, mobile users should notice a performance improvement in particular.

  • Lots of other bug fixes and improvements.

The response to free trials has been very positive, and we’ve received a bunch of great feedback from users during this experiment. In the next few weeks we’re going to be working on more new features based on that feedback, and will be creating a whole new free offering.

There’s a lot more that could be said about those last few features, but that’s probably best served by another blog post.