An introduction to reggae guitar

by , April 16, 2016

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This week's new lessons focus on getting an authentic reggae sound. Reggae has inspired many genres of music, and while its characteristic slow 4/4 time signatures and simple chord progressions may sound easy, there are a few techniques and tones to master for you to nail the style! 

Bea focuses on how to dial in a great reggae tone, and how to use reverb and delay to get a great sound. He also looks at two techniques that are used frequently in reggae music: chank picking and popping lines. 

An introduction to reggae guitar is available now! Head over to the lessons page to start learning.

What's new

  • How to dial in a reggae tone (lesson)
  • Chank picking (lesson and exercise)
  • Reggae popping lines (lesson and exercise)


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