18 March 2016

24 new guitar lessons available now!

by Dan Davies

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Now that we have finished launching the redesigned website, we're extremely happy to announce the first of many new lesson packs! With so many of you working through the full guitar course, a lot of you asked for more riffs, runs, licks, and chord progressions to apply your new skills. We got in the studio with Bea over Christmas and put together 24 awesome new guitar challenges.

Initially these were available through our December advent calendar, but we know that a lot of you haven't seen these yet. We have now integrated all 24 of the challenges into the Musicisum guitar course.

The new challenges are available now as part of your subscription to Musicisum, and they will unlock as you make your way through the lessons - or will already be unlocked and available on the Challenges page if you have already completed the recommended lessons.

We have loads more guitar and singing lessons on the way, which will we be releasing regularly to help you keep improving. If there's anything you'd like to learn - let us know in the comments below or on the student forum.

What's new

  • Funk blues riff
  • Hybrid picking minor pentatonic position1
  • Major triad chord progression
  • Minor pentatonic position 4 lick
  • A minor slide lick
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers style chord progression
  • D minor double stop lick
  • E minor rock bending lick
  • Rage Against The Machine style riff
  • Octave chord funk riff
  • Connecting minor pentatonic lick
  • Blues rock riff
  • Hard rock riff
  • Rock shred lick
  • Dimebag shred lick
  • Position 1 minor pentatonic rock lick
  • Melodic drop D riff
  • Incubus style chord progression
  • Phrygian dominant lick
  • Chromatic descending lick
  • Tapped harmonic lick
  • Fast minor pentatonic pattern
  • 3-string sweep
  • Fluid pentatonic bending lick