30 September 2015

Welcome to musicisum 1.2

by Dan Davies

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September has been a very busy month for all of us! Ben has been busy editing the singing course while also being on tour & shooting music videos in Malta with Rabea and their band Dorje. Dan & Ben have been working hard at website changes, Eve has been connecting with you all on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and pouring herself into our plans to launch the singing course, and Hannah has been working on an EP release with her band Hatton Manor. With all of that happening, we still managed to hit 25,000 students! 

While all this has been going on, our dev team has been working quietly in the background to bring you a few new features and improvements. Let me walk you through them.

  • Reworked navigation that remains consistent on every page.
  • Previews of every lesson have been added, and you can access these even if you're logged out.
  • Lesson locks have been removed. You can now access the lessons in any order you like. Don't worry though, you'll still get badges for the first few lessons!
  • Practices have been merged with lessons so that everything is kept in one place. If you want to practice power chords, go to the "Power Chords" lesson page and scroll down.
  • Lesson trails have been added to the lesson pages & lesson bundles. Navigating through lessons should now be even easier!
  • Account managemenet has been redesigned to be clearer about how much subscription time you have left and what subscription options you have available to you.
  • Performance on lesson navigation has been greatly improved. You'll notice it's much quicker jumping in and out of lessons.
  • Sharing buttons have been added to all of the lesson pages. If you like a lesson, please share it with your friends!
  • An "About" page has been added so that you can learn about everybody on team musicisum.
  • Our "Pricing" page can be accessed from the new navigation bar. Now you can easily find a membership option that suits you.
  • Lesson files now open in a new tab/window when you click them.
  • Many more site-wide performance optimisations and bug fixes.

We have plenty more changes and features to come, including optimising the website for mobile & tablet. For now, I hope the changes we have made make it easier for you to use the musicisum website. If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to let us know either in the comments below, on our student forum, or via our contact page. And as always, we're happy to hear your suggestions for new content and features.

Thank you to all 25,000 of you for checking out what we do and learning with us! We can't wait to bring you more awesome guitar lessons, the new singing course, and plenty more!