Rabea Massaad

Writing Progressive Rock Riffs


Writing Progressive
Rock Riffs

with Rabea Massaad

What is going through Rabea's head when he sits down to write new music?

For the first time ever, Rabea pulls back the curtain on his process for writing Progressive Rock riffs. This is a truly deep dive into his mindset, approach, and inspiration when writing riffs in this genre.

You will learn how to develop more interesting chord progressions and how to connect them with single note phrases, how to use articulations and techniques to express your ideas creatively, Rabea’s framework for writing more interesting rhythms and exploring odd time signatures, his approach to incorporating effects pedals to dial in the perfect tones to create unique and imaginative guitar parts, as well as a deep exploration of his favourite themes to inspire your next epic song.

Throughout this course, Rabea shows you these concepts in practice by breaking down riffs from his bands Toska and Dorje, as well as his solo material.

At the end of the course you will put your new knowledge into practice with a detailed breakdown of one of Rabea’s original tracks complete with full notation, tab, and backing track provided.

“Rock is a truly limitless genre and I’m super proud of this course. If you're looking to take your riff writing to a whole new level, I really think this course will help you get there!”



20 Video

4 Hours
of Content

Guitar Tab
& Notation



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Deconstructing My Sound and Style

My Approach to Writing Progressive Rock Riffs

Connecting Chords with Riffs

Using Effects to Write Riffs

Writing Riffs in Alternate Tunings

Techniques and Articulations

My Framework for Writing Interesting Rhythms

Dividing 4/4 into Interesting Phrases

Writing in 6/8

Writing in 5/8

Writing in 7/8

How I Use Themes to Write Riffs

Writing Ambient Riffs

Writing Sinister Riffs

Writing Frantic Riffs

Writing Epic Riffs

Writing Heavy Riffs

"Hotel Cali-Fortin" Track Breakdown

Final Thoughts

5 Star
Learning Experience

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Rabea Massaad


Rabea Massaad

You can't go far in the world of modern guitar without spotting Rabea. From huge YouTube videos to huge stages, Rabea started playing guitar because he injured himself skateboarding and couldn't play the drums anymore. His unique approach to phrasing and note choice has distinguished him just as much as his hair, and he embodies everything it takes to be a well-rounded modern musician.

2018 Best New Guitarist
in the World Today



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This is the first website I've seen that can truly inspire and teach any beginner musician. Rabea is an incredibly experienced guitarist and an amazing teacher.

I went through the whole course and started with how to hold the pick. About 1.5 years later I'm still not Rabea but can somehow play the solos!

Musicisum is the best way to learn guitar! Rabea has inspired me to pick up my electric again for the first time in years and get back to practicing properly.

Thank you for a great site! I just love it. Bea's lessons are so cool and easy to understand. I really love his relaxed way of teaching.