Feeling The Pinch - Solo Competition

In association with MITS, Musicisum has teamed up with PMT House of Rock, BOSS, D'Addario & Planet Waves, Audiofly, Snugs, and Pedal Deck to bring you an epic guitar solo competition with a mind-blowing selection of prizes!

The competition is open worldwide until midnight on August 1st.
Check out the video below where Bea will explain what you have to do!

The Prizes

  • 1 year membership to Bea's Musicisum guitar course
  • 30 minute Skype lesson with Bea
  • A handful of D'Addario/Planet Waves picks
  • 3 sets of D'Addario NYXL strings
  • D'Addario t-shirt
  • D'Addario hoodie
  • D'Addario cap
  • Planet Waves American Stage cable
  • Planet Waves headstock tuner
  • Audiofly dual-driver AF120 in-ear monitors
  • Custom-made silicon in-ear moulds from Snugs1
  • Pedal Deck Player pedalboard & soft case
  • Roland MicroCube GX
  • BOSS GT-001
  • Schecter Solo II Platinum (Satin Black)
  1. This will require you to get impressions of your ears made by an audiologist at your own expense, which will then need to be sent to Snugs for them to create your custom moulds.

How To Enter

  1. Sign up for a free account at Musicisum.net
  2. Watch the Feeling The Pinch lesson video found lower on this page
  3. Put in the practice and learn the solo
  4. Shoot a video of your best performance of Feeling The Pinch using the backing track provided below
  5. Upload the video to YouTube with the title “Musicisum Guitar Solo #feelingthepinch"
  6. Submit a link to your video using the form below to be entered into the competition

Give Our Sponsors Some Love

We'd like to say a massive thank you to the sponsors of the Feeling The Pinch competition. Please take a second to check them out, and find them on Facebook or Twitter if you like what they do!

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