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by Dan,

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Back in 2014 when we launched, you could sign up to Musicisum for free, and doing so gave you access to a limited number of pre-selected lessons on our guitar course. This gave you a taster of what the content was like; you could watch the lessons as many times as you wanted, but to watch more lessons you had to purchase a subscription. This worked fine to an extent, but because we had only made the first few lessons free, users who were more advanced in their playing weren't able to tell if the rest of the content on the course would be appropriate for them because the sample lessons were beginner-focused.

We later switched to a free trial system where users got free access to all of our lessons for a limited period of time, and we have since moved to a system where no lessons are available for free - you simply have to subscribe if you want to watch any of the lessons.

Today we are introducing a token system. You can now sign up to Musicisum for free, and when you do so you are given 10 tokens. These tokens can be used to unlock any lesson on any course, and you will have access to it forever. This means that whether you are a complete beginner or somebody who is further along with their playing, you will be able to watch some free lessons that are relevant to your skill level and your interests. Once you have run out of tokens, you can continue to watch the lessons you have already unlocked, and if you would like to watch more lessons, you can subscribe to Musicisum.

Click here to get your 10 free lessons.

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