3 ways to find your own vocal style

by , July 19, 2016

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As a singer, it's easy to fall into the trap of learning your favourite song, and then singing all of the other songs you know in the same style. You can quickly lose your own voice and begin to sound like you're doing an impression of your favourite artist, and more often than not you won't even notice you're doing it.

It's important to be aware of how you sound and work on your own vocal style rather than just imitating your favourite artists. Here are 3 tips that are going to help you to sound more like yourself:

1. Find time to sing by yourself

It might seem simple, but singing alone without a song playing will give you the opportunity to listen to yourself and work out what's going on with your voice.

2. Explore your tone

If you have noticed that you are picking up different styles from some of your favourite singers, it's important to learn how to control when you apply those styles. It's great to be able to sound like Jessie J if you're singing a Jessie J song, but the rest of the time you'll want to sound different. Focus on exploring your tone and being aware of what you are doing.

3. Start writing your own music

Don't worry if you can't play an instrument; you can write a song using just your voice. This is a great way to listen to your own sound, and if you're writing your own music you are exploring new territory. It doesn't matter if you feel like initially your music sounds a lot like somebody else's. Developing your own style takes time and you'll need to take a lot of small steps to get there. 

Don't to be afraid to take influences from other singers. If you like a particular sound or style you should apply it to your own singing. Just be in control of it, be aware of when you're doing it, and try to maintain the sound of your own voice the rest of the time.

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